At this page you can find Q & A about A Debt Doctor services. These are the general questions. If you’d like to know exactly how we can help you in a certain situation, call us right now.

  1. What is your company main job and what are the advantages of your approach to the clients?

    A Debt Doctor professionally and responsibly protects debtors’ interests and does it in close cooperation with Insolvency Trustees, who administer process of bankruptcy and consumer proposal.

  2. Who are the main A Debt Doctor clients?

    Among those whom we’ve already helped to solve their financial problems are more than a hundred clients working in the areas most suffering from today’s recession. These are: realtors, car selling agents, construction workers, truck drivers, tour operators, waiters and others.

  3. What makes A Debt Doctor different from other similar companies in Toronto?

    Our main goal is to help our clients, fellow citizens, who are in a financial trouble. We use individual approach to every client. We thoroughly examine all the details of debtor’s case and their personal situation.

  4. What Debt Doctor’s services are the most reliable and in demand?

    All our services are absolutely professional and reliable. After a thorough examination of client’s financial situation,  you’ll find out about different legal ways of debt problem solving.  Personal consumer proposal is very popular program these days, as it allows debtor to write off biggest portion of his/her debts and creditors to recover part of the debts. The win win situation.

  5. What is the Personal Consumer Proposal?

    It is a program that includes all terms of the proposal procedure for those who are close to file for bankruptcy, but who still have a chance to save their property. Basically, it is a formal agreement between creditors and a debtor concerning a partial payment during a certain period of time without interest rate.

  6. What part of debs can be cancelled using the Personal Consumer Proposal?

    Basically, we speak about 55% – 75% (not including the Mortgage for real estate) with your property saved.

  7. Do the creditors approve the Personal Consumer Proposal?

    Yes, they do, this procedure is almost always approved.

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